Corporate Solutions for your team:
never have a bad in house coffee again

If you have a coffee machine at work but constantly get horrible coffee from it?

You have one of two things happening:

  • The beans you are using are low grade and just produce horrible coffee.
  • The operator has had zero training and is making you horrible coffee.

Solution: We offer corporate training so your office staff can learn how to use the machine properly, which includes learning how to clean it as well.

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Coffee Training Parties

Got a bunch of mates who all just love a great coffee and want to be able to enjoy a good coffee at each others homes?

Then why not book a group training session so you can all learn about how to make the perfect coffee whilst enjoying some of the different blends we produce at the Dancing Bean? What you get:

  • Training: 2 hours (everyone gets to try) 4 coffees
  • Offer on a half price bag of beans (500gms)
  • A fun evening out with your friends
  • Cheat sheet to take home
  • Cost $75 each

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