Dancing Bean

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Secrets of the Barista Secret #1

Coffee Storage

Coffee Storage
The question I get asked more than any other is, “how do I store my coffee beans”? It’s a very important question.
I was once at a dinner party and at the end of the meal the host stood on a stool and reached high for a jar of his most precious coffee. “I only ever bring these out on special occasions”, he said with pride. Needless to say, I asked for an Earl Grey that night.
Believe it or not, people get really passionate about this subject. Here’s my take on it.


Secrets of the Barista Secret #4

The Perfect Shot

Secret #4 The Perfect Shot  - Every Coffee Geek's Holy Grail
If you have followed the first 3 steps correctly then the perfect shot is not far away.
As I have said before. Espresso at its heart is very simple. It is a combination of
Great coffee Ground and tamped correctly
Extracted at the right pressure and at the right temperature over the correct length of time.