Dancing Bean


Coffee Bean range

australiaflagDancing Bean Original Blend

Our signature House Blend is made up of four, top estate, single origin arabica beans. Our blends are created after roasting to maximise flavor and allow for the perfect balance of mouthfeel, aroma and aftertaste. 

This is the blend that we have built our business on and is supplied to our franchise and flagship stores as well as cafes and coffee shops all over the greater brisbane region.

It's never bitter and is great served with or without milk. You can't go wrong with this Dancing Bean classic coffee.


australiaflagDancing Bean Twenty Fourteen Blend

The celebration of a great year, this coffee blend is a superior coffee winning multiple awards.

Our Twenty Fourteen Blend has a deep body and butterscotch notes followed by a tropical fruit finish.

A great coffee for first time espresso machine owners as the balance of flavors makes it difficult to pull a bitter shot. 


australiaflagDancing Bean Nao Blend

Our master roaster, Nao, has created this special blend with his years of experience in the coffee industry. 

This award winning coffee has a buttery creamy texture, with notes of roasted nuts and subtle chocolate followed by a long lasting fuity finish.

perfect for short or long black lovers.



brazilflag2Brazil Yellow Bourbon Natural Process Beans

Our most popular single origin bean. Smooth butterscotch feel and flavours.

Part of the natural process means that the flesh from the coffee cherry is left on the bean until we place the order. In coffee terms, this is like picking your fruit and eating it the same day.



colombianflagColombian Supremo Huila

The Supremo Huila beans are characterised by their vivid complexities accompanied with the base profile common among all specialty Colombian coffee. Sweet, smooth and well-rounded with notes of almonds, cocoa and well balanced acidity. It presents a full body and a long creamy finish. 

A lovely and smooth coffee.



guatemalanflagGuatemalan Atitlan

This Guatamalan bean has flavours of orange and chocolate up front. A gentle, pointed acidity can also be noted, with long caramel and hazelnut flavours to finish. 

This bean is strong in flavour and very aromatic. Perfect for the coffee lover that likes a strong brew.



costaricaflagCosta Rica Dota Tarrazu 

Strong and bold flavours are found in this dark roasted coffee. However, it is still bright and lively with flavours of chcolate and hazelnuts. 

Perfect with milk or as espresso. If you like your coffee strong and bold, this bean is for you.




Robust nutty/chocolate flavour, with mild acidity. Smooth body, rich finish.

This Braziallian bean provides that rich, earthy coffee flavour which is a common flavour base in many blends. 


colombianflagColombian Swiss Water Decaf

Colombian Supremo beans, Naturally processed with 99.5% of the caffeine removed. 

You wont believe it's a decaf.