Dancing Bean


Wholesale Café Sales

So you have spent more money on your cafe than you are willing to admit. Countless dollars and hours trying to set yourself apart from the pack, yet you are using the same beans as everyone else. Where's the logic in that?

At Dancing Bean we are willing to wholesale our unique coffee beans to a select group of operators. If you consider your business one that absolutely prides itself on great coffee and you compete on quality, you would more than likely qualify as one of our preferred customers. So why not call us so that we can tell you more about our coffee beans and our exclusive way of doing business. The Marketing package you get with your bean purchases is unrivalled – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

We also offer Barista training so if you want to know how to make your machine make the best coffee on the planet you are going to need some training. Check out our training programmes here

Our Beans:

  • Are our own unique 100% Arabica blend.
  • Come with a 12 month marketing plan.
  • Roasted locally in Brisbane.
  • We can roast your own signature coffee blend.

We absolutely guarantee with our marketing package to bring new customers through your door.
See Fee Free Franchises for more info on owning your own Café business

We can roast your own signature coffee blend